NTN Driveshaft Anderson

In partnership with construction manager Maeda Corporation, Runnebohm Construction served as general contractor for the new 403,000-SF facility in Anderson, Indiana.    read more

UnaVie Cardiology Center

Shelbyville, Indiana


The UnaVie Cardiology Center is a joint venture between Major Hospital and St. Francis Hospital.  The Facility is located in the Intelliplex Medical Arts Center in Intelliplex Park in Shelbyville.  The facility was designed to be a “one stop service for non-invasive cardiology and pulmonary treatment” and is home to cardiologists, pulmonologists, echocardiogram technicians, and other professional medical staff.


Runnebohm Construction served as General Contractor for the Facility.  The 10,000-SF facility includes twelve examination rooms with state-of-the-art equipment, a cardiac rehabilitation center, diagnostic testing and clinics for lipid, anti-coagulation and heart failure treatment. UnaVie also has facilities for patient education and private conferences.



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