NTN Driveshaft Anderson

In partnership with construction manager Maeda Corporation, Runnebohm Construction served as general contractor for the new 403,000-SF facility in Anderson, Indiana.    read more

Design/Build Construction Services

Runnebohm Construction has been an industry leader in Design/Build construction for over 40 years.  The Design/Build project delivery method is a complete and efficient project solution, from the start of a project through its completion.  From initial planning and building design to construction and operations testing, each aspect of the project is planned and managed to deliver a project solution that satisfies the needs of the client in the most cost effective and time efficient manner. 

Single Source Responsibility.  Rather than dealing with multiple companies and individuals, Runnebohm Construction is responsible for assembling a project team and providing all cost and schedule accountability and control.  This team will oversee, manage, and execute the process of transforming your ideas into reality.
Effective Communication.  With the Design/Build Concept, Runnebohm Construction Company creates a partnership with the owner, architects, subcontractors and major suppliers for a project.  Communication is greatly improved from day one and throughout the entire project.
Value Engineering. The most expensive, or the least expensive building component, does not always determine the best long-term value.  Through value engineering, every dollar invested in the building can be optimized.  The Design/Build value engineering process weighs each choice against specific needs and objectives, resulting in the selection of building materials and techniques that best meet the desired quality, performance, and budget objectives.

Fast Track Construction. Many buildings are designed and built sequentially, with construction commencing after the design is fully complete.  With Runnebohm Construction’s Design/Build delivery method, the time required to complete a project can be reduced by overlapping project tasks.  This helps ensure that projects are delivered on schedule.
Fast Track Construction